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General Terms

This Terms and Conditions (“TERMS” for brevity) is an agreement between Users (“You, Your or Yourself”) and KERI DELIVERY, INC. (“KERI” for brevity). This TERMS govern Your access and use of the app, website (, and other websites that KERI manages), content and products provided by KERI (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “KERI App”), as well as order, payment or use of the service available on KERI App (“Service or Services”). By agreeing to this TERMS, You also agree to any changes or amendments which KERI may make, including the TERMS of each Service (additional Terms and Conditions and its changes are collectively referred to as “TERMS”). KERI reserves its right to amend these TERMS at any time and post the same in its webpage You are expected to review the TERMS regularly and You hereby expressly agree to be bound by them by your continued use of KERI App.

The Company

KERI IS A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY THAT DOES NOT PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION OR DELIVERY SERVICES. KERI’s services are limited to providing a platform that connects You with 3rd party Service Providers who offer transportation or delivery services via the KERI App. KERI is NOT an agent or representative of any of its 3rd party Service Providers and will neither be responsible nor liable for the acts, negligence and/or omissions by the Service Providers in the performance of their transportation or delivery service to You.

Use of KERI App and Services

The access and use of KERI App are subject to this TERMS. You have a full discretion either to use the KERI App or other apps, including other Services available on KERI App, or to stop using the KERI App. When ordering a Service through the KERI App, You will be connected with the available Service Providers around Your location.

Signing-up and Signing-in KERI Account

You must agree to these TERMS and register first before using the KERI App. Upon registration, You will be asked to provide Your full name, electronic mail address and mobile number. You may change Your profile information in KERI App at any time after registration. Upon registration, a verification code will be automatically-generated and sent via a text message to the mobile phone number that You have provided. You are required to confirm the verification code in the registration page of the KERI App. You will be assigned your personal KERI account (“Account”) which will allow You to use the KERI App and order any of the Services KERI is offering. Your mobile number is ascribed to Your Account and You will not be allowed to create multiple accounts from the same mobile number. Any changes in your mobile number should be registered first in your Account before you are allowed to continue using the KERI App.

Your Account

Your Account can only be used by You and cannot be transferred or assigned to anyone. KERI reserves the right to refuse any orders through KERI App if it is aware or has sufficient grounds to suspect that You have transferred or allowed another person to use Your Account. The security and confidentiality of Your Account, including registered name, electronic mail address, registered mobile number, payment details and Payment Method you choose, as well as verification code generated and sent by KERI or Payment Method Provider’s system are fully Your personal responsibility. All losses and risks arising from Your negligence in maintaining such security and confidentiality are borne by You. In such cases, KERI assumes any use or order made through Your Account as Your legitimate request. You are required to immediately notify KERI as soon as you become aware of or suspect that Your Account has been used without Your knowledge and consent. If You are likewise a Service Provider, You shall not use Your personal Account or someone else’s account to order a service that You will be providing as a Service Provider.

Personal Information

The collection, storing, processing, use and sharing of Your personal information, such as Your name, electronic mail address, and mobile phone number You provided when opening an Account are subject to KERI’s Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of this TERMS. By opening an Account, You expressly allow KERI to use Your personal information to process your Orders and share the same to 3rd party SERVICE PROVIDERS to the extent necessary to allow them to perform their services.

Content, Information and Promotion

KERI or its business partners may provide Third-Party Content which You may find on the KERI App. In any event where the Third-Party Content is provided by our partners (“Third-Party Content Provider”), KERI shall not be liable to any part of the Third-Party Content. Your access to or use of the Third-Party Content is Your conformity to the terms and conditions set forth by KERI or the Third-Party Content Provider, including KERI’s or Third-Party Content Provider’s Privacy Policy. Third-Party Content means any information, data, or actual news, made, edited, developed, and/or maintained by the Third-Party Content Provider itself or obtained by the Third-Party Content Provider from other third parties, where the Third-Party Content Provider is responsible to procure any permission necessary to display such Content, including but not limited to texts or writings, images, quotes, photographs, illustrations, animations, videos, voice recordings or music, title, and/or descriptions to be exhibited on the KERI App, including any link to the such. KERI or Third-Party Content Provider may provide offers or promotions (“Offers”) that are exchangeable for goods, services or other benefits related to the use of KERI App. In any event where Offers are provided by Third-Party Content Providers, We are not liable to any part of the Offers. Your access to or use of the Offers is Your conformity to the terms and conditions set forth by Us or the Offers Providers, including Our or Offers Provider’s Privacy Policy. All information, Offers contained in KERI App are intended solely to provide You the best experience when using KERI App or Services. You shall not abuse Offers received during the use of KERI App or Services. You agree to utilize the Offers in accordance with the terms, conditions, and purpose of the Offers and will not abuse, duplicate, monetize, transfer, use for commercial purposes or take unfair advantage of the Offers in any form of manner whatsoever. You understand that Offers are not exchangeable for cash, have a limited validity period and are subject to the conditions that apply to each of the Offers.

Rates and Fees

KERI App is free to download subject to certain fees or charges on some features on the KERI App which KERI may charge in the future. Services available on the KERI App are subject to rates that can be found on KERI App before You order the Service. KERI may adjust or renew its rates from time to time based on certain factors such as, but not limited to: location, time, type of Services and applicable laws. KERI may also charge certain prices and/or fees as reasonable payment for the use of KERI App and which may be collected by KERI, its affiliates, or Service Providers.

KERI App Software

The official KERI App software is provided only on official digital markets, such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and can be used on mobile phones or tablet devices only. Downloading the KERI App from platforms other than official digital markets and/or to devices other than mobile phones or tablets is considered a violation of these TERMS and of Our intellectual property rights.

Your Responsibility

You are fully responsible for the decisions that You make when using KERI App, its related Services, Third-Party Content, Offers or Payment. You shall not use and display inappropriate language or behavior when dealing with the Service Providers, Third-Party Content Providers, and Offers Providers and shall not engage in unauthorized, threatening or harassing behaviors when using the Services, Third-Party Content, Offers or Payment. You are fully responsible for any loss and/or claim arising from the use of the KERI App, Services, Third-Party Content, Offers or Payment Method using Your Account, either by You or other parties who use Your account, in a manner that is contrary to this TERMS, Privacy Policy, including the terms and conditions and privacy policy set forth by the Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider, Offers Provider and Payment Method Provider. You are expected to abide the laws and other regulations, including those relating anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism financing, criminal activities, fraud in any form (including but not limited to phishing and/or social engineering activities), violations of intellectual property rights, and/or other activities that are harmful to the public and/or any other parties or are considered damaging to KERI’S reputation.

Limitation of Responsibility

The KERI App, including its Services, is offered to You on an “as is” basis. KERI does not represent or warrant that KERI App and its Services, will work as intended on Your mobile phone or tablet. Neither does KERI warrant the reliability, timeliness, quality, suitability, availability, accuracy, completeness or security of the KERI App, including its Services, Third-Party Content, Offers and Payment Method which are fully under the Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider and Offers Provider’s responsibilities. KERI App may experience certain limitations, delays, and other issues inherent in the use of internet and electronic communications. KERI shall not be responsible for any delay, failure of delivery, damage or loss arises from such problems. KERI shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or claim brought about by any failure or mistake of the Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider or Offers Provider KERI is not liable for any loss or damage, including but not limited to any injury which You or any person may suffer, any damage to property resulting from its Services, or any matter relating to the 3rd Party Service Providers. In providing its services, KERI is not a party to any agreement between you and the Service Provider.


If You experience a system failure when using KERI App, or know or suspect that Your account has been hacked, used by other parties, or if Your personal mobile phone or tablet is lost, stolen, hacked, exposed to a virus, or its functionality has been compromised in any manner, You are required to immediately report this matter to KERI to avoid further unauthorized use, or future losses. If You experience any issues or problems related to the Services, Third-Party Content, Offers or payment, or Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider or Offers Provider’s behaviours, You may submit Your complaint through the KERI App, or by directly contacting KERI at To submit complaints, questions, objections, (“Report”), You may be required to provide sufficient information (including but not limited to, facts summary, order number and other evidence You may have) which can enable KERI validate such complaints, questions, or objections. KERI reserves its right not to respond to Your Report if the information You provided does not match the personal information stored in its system, or if the Report submitted in relation to, toward, on behalf of, or by other party is different from the Account holder officially registered on the system. KERI may, at its own discretion, cease acting upon Your Report if said Report was not supported by sufficient and clear facts or has alreadybeen resolved. Your Report against the Service Providers, Third-Party Content Providers, Offers Provider or Payment Method Providers shall be forwarded to them and shall be resolved directly by You and the Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider, Offers Provider or Payment Method Provider. For a particular Report related to the Payment Method, KERI may, at its own discretion, offer to refund You by mechanisms determined by Us or together with the Payment Method Provider. KERI will not refund another party that differs with the registered credentials on KERI Account or Payment Method Provider, including Your use other party’s credentials to pay using the Payment Method.

Temporary Suspension and Permanent Suspension of KERI Account

You may discontinue the use of and delete the KERI App from Your mobile phone and/or tablet at any time. It is understood that KERI’s obligations under these TERMS shall cease from the time of your discontinued use and/or removal of the KERI App, temporary suspension or Termination of Your Account. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is understood that You are still responsible for any obligations that have accrued, including any obligations that may arise as a result of disputes, claims, or other existing legal actions, before the date of the removal of the KERI App, temporary suspension or permanent suspension of Your Account.
KERI reserves the right to temporarily suspend or Terminate Your account based on the following:

Insofar as may be applicable, any suspended or terminated Accounts may be lifted or reinstated at the sole discretion of KERI.

Your statement

You represent and warrant that You are at least 18 (eighteen) years old and are legally capable to bind Yourself to this TERMS. If You do not meet these conditions but still access or use the KERI App, Services, Third-Party Content, Offers or Payment Method, You represent and warrant that Your act of signing up, accessing or conducting other activities within the KERI App have been approved by Your parents, guardians or custodian. You expressly waive any rights under the applicable laws to cancel or revoke any and all consents You provided according to this TERMS when You are deemed legally mature. You agree to access or use the KERI App, Services, Third-Party Content, Offers and Payment Method solely for the purpose as specified in this TERMS and not to abuse or use the KERI App, Services, Third-Party Content, Offers or Payment Method for fraudulent purposes, causing inconvenience to others, requesting fake orders or other actions that may or may be deemed to cause losses in any form toward other people. You understand and agree that all risks arising from the use of the KERI App, Services, Third-Party Content, Offers and Payment Method are entirely Your responsibility and You hereby agree to release Us from any claims regarding damages, interferences or other forms of system disruptions caused by unauthorized access by other parties. You expressly release KERI, including its officials, directors, commissioners, employees, and agents, from any and all obligations, consequences, material or immaterial losses, claims, fees or legal responsibilities that arise or may arise due to Your violation of this TERMS, or in connection with the Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider, Offers Provider or Payment Method Provider’s behaviours. Should KERI be found by a competent court to be liable to You for any loss or damage You agree and expressly limit the amount of Your claim to the total amount actually incurred or paid in connection to the event. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT KERI IS A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY AND IS NOT A TRANSPORTATION, LOGISTICS, OR FINANCIAL. ALL TRANSPORTATION, LOGISTICS, FINANCIAL AND OTHER RELATED SERVICES ARE PROVIDED BY INDEPENDENT THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS THAT ARE NOT EMPLOYED BY KERI. By using the KERI App and/or Services, you hereby agree to comply with this TERMS, including all of its amendments and Terms and Conditions of each service provider, third-party content provider, offers provider or payment method provider.

Force Majeure

KERI App may be interrupted by events outside of its authority or control (“Force Majeure”), including but not limited to natural disasters, electricity disruptions, telecommunications failures, government policies, and other events. You hereby agree to release KERI from any demands and responsibilities, including the non-fulfillment of Your Order, either in part or in whole, through the KERI App.


You fully understand and agree that this TERMS constitutes an electronic agreement and Your action of pressing the ‘register’ button when signing-up an Account or the ‘log in’ button when logging-in to Your Account is Your active consent to enter into an agreement with Us that this TERMS and Privacy Policy are legally valid and binding and shall continue so long as You use the KERI App or Services. You shall not transfer Your rights on this TERMS without KERI’s prior written consent. However, KERI may transfer its rights based on this TERMS to any party at any time without prior approval from or advance notice to You. The failure of KERI to take a direct action or insist upon a strict performance of any of the Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of any right or remedy that it may have, or of any subsequent breach or default of the Terms and Conditions, which shall continue to be in full force and effect. All rights and obligations that have accrued under this TERMS shall survive upon the temporary suspension, permanent suspension, deletion of KERI App or expiration of this agreement between the parties. Unenforceability of any of the provisions of this TERMS will not affect the enforceability of other provisions. This TERMS is governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Any and all disputes arising from the use of the KERI App or Services are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Mandaluyong City, to the exclusion of of any other court or venue.

Contact Us

You may contact Us by electronic mail to or by phone at 09186173510. All your correspondences will be noted, recorded and stored in Our records.