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The service is open to Malls, stores, or shops. You will be directly visible and accessible for Pabili services in Keri’s mobile app. Expand customer reach and market your brand in our app. We will help you grow your business. Convenience and fast delivery for your customers, right in their fingertips!

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Keri For Business

A service for special web access to Keri services, specifically designed for all businesses, even online sellers. It has optional payment termslike cash per transaction, pre-paid, and post-paid. You can enjoy a much cheaper rates if you go prepaid!

Enjoy additional perks not found as a regular user. These perks are:

  • ✔ Reports
  • ✔ SMS notification and on-line tracker of delivery, for end-customers
  • ✔ Multi-booking capability
  • ✔ Better and bigger look and user experience
  • ✔ Dedicated backend support when booking

Booking As A Service (BOSS)

BOSS is a service that you can take advantage of if you want to remove the hassle of coordination and monitoring from your end. This is ideal for delivery of food or any items for online meetings/parties, or corporate giveaways. Simultaneous delivery of your high-value packages (i.e. Food or corporate giveaways) to multiple addresses, all at the same time is now easier with BOSS. With just an additional convenience fee, we will do everything for you, from package clustering, requesting for riders, monitoring, finding the correct location, until completion. We’ll just bill you when all is done!

We want to take the hassle out of your workplace to let you focus on more important tasks. With BOSS, you’re the boss!